A Tiny Number Of Companies Managed To Outsmart Economic Downturns...Here's How They Did It

Harvard Business
& Gallup
all agree:

There is a proven path to actually thriving through disruption.

To capture more customers, more market share, and more profits during an economic downturn....but historically, only 9% of companies actually manage to do it.

To find out how, researchers embarked on more than a year of study, analyzing over 5,700 companies, across the last three 3 recessions, to answer two simple questions:

“What do we know about how leaders decide what to do when demand suddenly falls? And how do these choices affect a company’s competitiveness after the downturn ends?

And what they found shocked them:

A tiny 9% of the companies studied not only ‘survived’ the economic downturn...they actually thrived because of it; outpacing their competitors during recession periods...and then downright leaving them in the dust after things returned to normal.

So, let’s dig into exactly how these companies used disruption and...

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